“How to look like a noodle when you eat like an elephant!”


It has been fun getting notes from readers and friends about The Art Of Overeating since it was published last month.  Tipping the scale on overeating is such a universal indulgence—I had a feeling that most people would see a bit of themselves somewhere in the humor and have a good laugh.  I’m happy that seems to be the case.

Just the other day, an old friend wrote, “I have been very suspicious of you—have you been peeping at me through the peep-hole?  Because you drew a perfect image of ME! It’s making me very conscious of even looking at food, not to mention that I’ll never be able to binge again! You destroyed my life.”

I know she’s kidding, but she really “got” the book and that was great.  She also wrote:  “Leslie, I guess people that don’t know you will be shocked to realize that, in spite of having that voracious appetite, you are able to keep that spaghetti figure. May I suggest that as the theme for your next book: How to look like a noodle when you eat like an elephant?”

Maybe not a whole book, but definitely a future blog post.  What really made me laugh about it, though, is that when I was a gawky teenager, I read that Sophia Loren attributed her amazing body to eating spaghetti.  So, for years, I ate tons of spaghetti—but all that happened was that my figured looked like a spaghetti noodle.

Buon appetito until next time,

Leslie Landis

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