The Opposite Diet Tip #7

February, 2011

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The 7th Opposite Diet Tip:

7.  The Art of Overeating (TAOO) says “Anytime is a good time to eat….Don’t worry about whether you’re hungry or not…the more you eat and the more often you eat, the less hunger is a factor.”

OPPOSITE DIET Advice: That’s true.  And it’s a “vicious” cycle. Once hunger is less a factor, then not only can you eat more and more often – you do eat more and more often!  So you have to get back to hunger dictating your eating.  How do you do that?  Eat 3 meals a day – breakfast by 9:00AM, lunch by 1:00PM, dinner by 6:00PM.  Furthermore, the portions of these meals must be half of what you are eating.  Will you feel hungry in between?  Yes, you will.  Will you die from feeling this hunger?  No.  Will your hunger feeling adjust to become only apparent just before breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Yes.  How long will this transition take? It could be 0ne or two weeks or maybe even one month.  Can you last that long?  Yes!

A caveat to this is that you can eat once between each of these meals – as long as you eat a small snack of fruit or nuts.  How do you make sure that you eat only a small portion?  For snacking on nuts, use a small bowl or container or cup that is about 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide and 2 inches in diameter.  Fill it only to the top.  If you have fruit, your container can be double that size.  That’s your snack!

My Rant ‘N Rave

(sometimes about food and sometimes not…)

I recently read an article that informed me of something I did not know about the new health care legislation.  Undocumented immigrants will not be able to buy health insurance in the newly created purchasing pools/exchanges even if they pay entirely out of their own pocket.  That means uninsured undocumented immigrants will most likely  go to a hospital emergency room , especially when they are seriously ill.  So the American public will end up picking up their health care bill for  more expensive illnesses.  Whether someone is pro-immigration or anti-immigration, this seems to me to be a mean-spirited and dumb idea.

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