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Interview with The View from the Bay

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I was on “The View from the Bay” show in San Francisco. Everyone on the show was welcoming and wonderful. I had the opportunity to talk about my book and my “Opposite Diet” tips. What a great experience!

The 3rd Opposite Diet Tip

Monday, January 25th, 2010

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The 3rd Opposite Diet Tip:

3. TAOO says “Order from every category on a menu.” OPPOSITE ADVICE – Keep it to 3 dishes. Have you noticed how lots of restaurant menus have added more and more categories? There’s the bread, the starter, the appetizer, the soup, the salad, the specialties, the 1st course, the 2nd course and on and on. Think they want you to order – and eat – more food? Don’t fall for this. Make up your mind before you see the menu – even before you enter the restaurant – that you are going to have 3 courses and no more. A balanced and enjoyable meal would be one appetizer or salad or soup, one main course (with no sides) and one dessert. Choose any dessert you want, but pass on the accompanying scoop of ice cream or dollop of whipped cream.

By using the same strategy at home, you will save time in meal preparation and extra food costs, as well as calories.


(sometimes about food and sometimes not…)

Today I have a Rave! I just had a new (to me) dish at one of my favorite restaurants. It is called flash fried spinach. If you like salads, as I do, this is worth trying. It is so tasty and different. The spinach is crispy but moist. I found a recipe for it online:

– Heat 4 c peanut oil in a deep fryer (or deep pot) to 375°F.

– Deep fry 10 oz of clean fresh spinach (about a handful at a time) for about 30 seconds.

– Remove and drain on paper towels.

– Sprinkle parmesan cheese to taste.

This salad is delicious. Enjoy!

Next week – Opposite Diet Tip #4

The 2nd Opposite Diet Tip:

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

To learn about The Opposite Diet, go to right column and click on “About The Opposite Diet.”

The 2nd Opposite Diet Tip:

2. TAOO says “Never share.”  OPPOSITE ADVICE – Always share. Whenever possible, split a meal with your dinner companion or companions.  That’s one meal for two or two meals for three or four.   Of course, everyone has to be on the same page.  If either you or your companion is a vegetarian or has food allergies, choices will be more limited and those restrictions must be taken into consideration.  Whatever the situation, sharing will often involve compromise.  You can take turns in choosing what to order.  One meal out will be your choice and the next one will be your companion’s.   It really is a win-win situation, because you and your companion(s) will feel better about the amount eaten and everyone (ever with the split charge) will save money and their waist.

The home is just another version of a restaurant.  If you are eating alone, prepare half your usual portion. If you have a companion, share a smaller meal.  If you have a family, certainly don’t underfeed growing children, but it may also be an opportunity to teach them to eat a healthy amount of food.


(sometimes about food and sometimes not…)

If you have read anything about me on my website, you may have gotten the idea that cooking for me is bringing food in and heating it up.  So one of pet peeves is when I order take-out food, I am almost asked if I want (plastic!) silverware.  I always say “no.”  Not only is that more garbage for the landfill, but that’s why I have silverware at home.  No one listens!  When I get home and open that bag containing the food – there is the plastic silverware!

I know you are thinking that I should check the bag before I leave the restaurant.  You are right, but since I usually forget, I need a method to help me remember.  Any suggestions?

What is your opinion or your Rant’n Rave?  Let me know.

Next week _ Opposite Tip #3

Here is the 1st Opposite Diet Tip:

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

1.  TAOO says “leave no leftovers in restaurant.”  OPPOSITE  ADVICE –  Ask the waiter to divide whatever you have ordered in half and put one of those halves in a doggie bag before you are served. That way there will be leftovers for dinner the next day.  Most people think they will take home whatever is left over, but then usually finish everything.  You don’t have to worry about not having enough to eat because most restaurants provide humongous portions.

What do you do when eating at home?  Same thing.  You just bought or cooked a chicken or a steak or a bowl of pasta.   Cut it in half and put the other half in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

Yes, this does take some will power because now you have seen the food before it was put on your plate.  Strengthen your resolve with these thoughts – which you can write and keep on paper in front of you:

1. Now you have already prepared food for tomorrow.

2. Leftovers taste best!

Finally, along with each week’s tip, here is a feature called:


(sometimes about food and sometimes not…)

Last October, my beloved Blackberry Pearl finally met its demise.  I decided to replace it with a Blackberry smart phone, the Tour.  To my dismay, I found that I had to buy a new car charger.  Why? Because Research IN Motion (RIM) changed the port sizes on this new phone.  Why?  I think it is to force people to buy new accessories.  I’d love to find a company that isn’t trying to squeeze the last dime out of consumers!

What is your opinion or your Rant ‘n Rave?  Let me know.