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The Opposite Diet Tip #6

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

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The 6th Opposite Diet Tip:

6.  The Art of Overeating (TAOO) says “Always clean your plate…because you will make the dishwasher’s job easier.”

OPPOSITE DIET Advice:  In addition to that great reasoning, many of us associate the phrase “always clean your plate” with our parents’ admonition that it is wrong not eat everything because – somewhere in this world –  there are children that are starving.  So, a lot of us have grown up feeling guilty if we leave food on our plate.

Let’s get real!  What good does it do anyone else if we don’t eat everything.  You can’t mail your leftovers to others that need it.  Donating money to charities is a much better and more efficient way to help.

As someone brought up in the Midwest, I am “genetically” predisposed to not waste anything.    However, it is not my fault or your fault if the portions we are expected to eat are large enough for an entire football team.

A past boyfriend liked to take me to expensive restaurants.  When he saw me struggling to “clean my plate,” he told me, “I’m paying for a meal to bring you enjoyment from its taste, not from its volume.  Eat to your comfort level.”

I realized then that food is actually more enjoyable if we eat enough to satisfy, but not enough to stuff.  So make it a habit to leave something on your plate – and I’m not referring to the twig of parsley.

If you still feel guilty – get a dog. They love leftovers!

My Rant ‘N Rave

(sometimes about food and sometimes not…)

My vote for a great dessert goes to sorbet.  It has everything.   It’s sweet, tasty, refreshing and low calorie.  And the flavors!  You name it. Sorbet can be made in endless flavors.  There are fruit flavors such as mango, lemon, orange, lychee and on and on.  Then there are more exotic tastes.  I have had basil sorbet and, recently, honey.  Both were delicious

So if you haven’t tried sorbet for dessert, give it a try.  I think you are in for a treat.