About The Opposite Diet

The “Opposite Diet” is based on my book, The Art Of Overeating – TAOO, for short.  It is a humorous interpretation of America’s calorie obsessed culture that takes overeating to an exaggerated and absurd level.  This allows everyone – including those with weight concerns – to have a laugh.  However, humor is nothing if not looking inward.  In TAOO, I use humor to help us take that inward peek.

As a clinical psychologist who has worked with overeaters and who lives with an overeater – my husband – I know that most people want to eat less and healthy, but it is a struggle for many.  They need and want good advice and creative tips.

TAOO is a diet book, but a different kind of diet book. It doesn’t brow beat people or make them feel guilty.  If you want to lose weight, just do the OPPOSITE of everything in my book.  With that in mind, my OPPOSITE DIET advice is not to change what you eat, but rather to change how you eat.

If you try to do too much too fast, you will become discouraged and disappointed.  Worst yet, you will feel deprived and that feeling is your most horrible enemy!  That is why you should not change everything at once.  Don’t give up your favorite foods.  Instead, start with changing how you eat them.

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