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The 11th Opposite Diet Tip #11

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

11.  The Art of Overeating (TAOO) says “The best place for an overeater to live is in the U.S.A.”  Why?  Because food is served in restaurants on extra large plates overflowing with gigantic portions.  And people cooking at home take their portion size cues from restaurants.  Unfortunately this largess can lead to obesity and that can result in severe medical problems such as diabetes and heart disease.  The result is too often painful and shortened lives. Being overweight even restricts a person’s activities until nearly the only enjoyment left is eating!  I have often heard people complain that a particular restaurant’s portions are too small.  That only indicates how expectations have become distorted.

Now there is a popular movement to serve “small bites” in a restaurant.  Unfortunately this isn’t done for the health of the diner since most patrons can not tell when they have ordered and eaten too many “small bites.” That fact is, of course, that this trend is to the restaurant’s advantage.  The cost of each small bite is not insignificant and it adds up. Wouldn’t it be helpful if restaurants suggested how much a person should eat based on their age, height and gender just as they now like to suggest what wine can be paired with the entrees. But since that is not going to happen, it is up to the individual to order less, to leave something left over on the plate or take a good portion of the portion home.  Maybe then restaurants will get the message that they providing too much food.  And when eating in those restaurants that specialize in “small bites” or “tapas” – just order 2 or 3. Then if you are still hungry you can order another one.  In other words, don’t overdo it to begin with!  And remember to to eat slowly so you can tell if you are still hungry.  Speed eating overwhelms your sensory indicators!


I am blown away by the positive responses I have received from you, my readers.  While my blog following is not in the thousands – or even the hundreds – I am amazed that anyone has found me.  After all I have done no promotion, no links, no anything to warrant anyone’s attention.  But some of you have found me and the encouragement makes me want to write more.  I am very happy if my little blog can help one person.  So thank you to all who have responded.  I wish you a happy and healthy 2016 filled with delicious and healthy food – but not with portions that are too big!