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The Opposite Diet Tip #10

Friday, December 13th, 2013

December 13, 2013

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The 10th Opposite Diet Tip:

10. The Art of Overeating (TAOO) says “Maximize The Over-Maximized.”  What does that mean?  Well, basically there are rules to follow in order to make sure you eat as much as possible.  TAOO describes 10 rules that every overeater must memorize.  I will cover each rule one-at-a-time.

Rule #1 – Never share when eating at a restaurant.  Only you get to eat everything you order, even in family style restaurants where the huge portion size is based on sharing.  REALLY?

Eating with others is the oldest communal activity.  Humankind wouldn’t exist if food was not shared.  In many if not most cultures sharing food is a sign of hospitality and good manners.  But besides good manners, good firendship and love, another reason to share food is to keep your weight within normal range.  Sharing food allows others to eperience what you are eating while you are eating less.  That’s what I call a win-win situation.  If you fear that by giving up some of the food on your plate you will be hungry, get over it.  You probably had too large a portion anyway.  Also, the rules of the game require your companion(s) to share the goodies on their plate too.  So be a generous good sport about sharing.  I guarantee you will enjoy your food more.

My Rant ‘N Rave

I once lived in New York City and one of my favorite memories is how everyone celebrated every holiday.  On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone was Irish.  On Columbus Day, everyone was Italian.  On Hanukkah, everyone was Jewish, on Christmas, everyone was Christian and on Kwanzaa, everyone was African American.  I am sure I have left someone’s holiday out, but what I am trying to describe is how people in New York share (that word again!) in the joy of celebration with everyone else.  So in that spirit I wish all of you – my faithful readers – a very happy holiday season and a truly happy and healthy 2014!